Our Approach

At Karen’s Creative Solutions, LLC, we believe in partnering with you to help realize your business goals. By learning more about your business, objectives, target audience and competition, we add value to the communications we create for your company.

Why use a hummingbird for our logo?

We felt the hummingbird was a great fit for our company because:

  It’s unique, just like you.

  It has versatile flight and versatility is needed to meet business demands.

  Its ability to adapt for flight efficiency relates to adapting the focus for your key objectives and target audience.

  Its high metabolism means it processes things quickly, just like your business needs to in this fast-paced environment.

  Its sense of color relates especially well to the impact color has on designs.

    Why should you select us?

    1. We believe in your long-term success.

    2. We develop customized creative solutions to meet your needs.

    3. We create communications that set you apart by knowing your brand, marketing strategy, target audience and competitors.

    4. We know your time is important and will connect with you regarding projects in the manner you feel is most efficient and effective.

    5. We focus on the details, so you don’t have to.

    We also love hummingbirds because they are believed to be healers and bring joy and good luck.

    Some interesting hummingbird facts:

      It is the only bird that can fly backwards and can even fly upside down!

      It is one of only a handful of birds that can hover.

      Its feet are small for more efficient flying, but that means it can’t walk or hop.

      It has the highest metabolic rate of birds at 1,200 beats a minute.

      It has no sense of smell but a good sense of color.